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How to calculate odds and probabilties?

1. Choose League

2. Select Teams

3. Check Odds and probabilities 

4. Compare Odds and markets to figure out best valuebets of the day!

Simple Valuebet guide for 1x2 betting!


Do you know what is the first and one of the worst mistake almost every player does?

You bet too much for low odds because those feel so sure and logical and yeah, ofcourse those keep hitting often, BUT you actually don't notice that you keep loosing money in long time period.

How to calculate 1x2 odds and probabilities


Its all math and you could also do the same calculates without this odds calculator, but you need to effort really much time daily for this hobby.

Behind calculator we do have each one played game in X period and we figure out each teams own firepower for home and away games to find out odds and probabilities.


Notice this when you use calculator!

Rules with our odds calculator.


Always check both teams line up before making last decide to put your money in. why?

Automated Odds calculator dont have no idea about daily line ups.

So, always check the lineups.

Rule #2

Some of teams are unable to calculate correctly in two cases:

If team is really overpowered and does really much more scores than other teams average.

If team is new to league. In this situation odds and probabilites calculator dont have enough data to figure out the exact power of team.

Rule #3

You always bet at your own risk!


How to find valuebet with odds calculator?


Okay, now you know something about the odds calculator and now we can start to talking about the odds and probabilities in daily 1x2 sport betting choices.

What we actually want to check from calculator is Odds, actually dont even mind the probability column usually.

First you have seleceted teams and get the odds.

Now you have to compare odds in calculator to the betting markets and if the odd in calculator is lower than markets offer the bet is valubet in long run (remember Rule#1) 

Example picks of football odds calculator

Now you will see what kind of odds you wanna find with odds calculator to reach all potential out of it!

Following example picks of football odds calculator played staruday 5.10.2019.

This Saturday luckily show us all kind of situatution you are going to meet with this odds calculator. Calculator has database to figure out averages and power of each teams, but some times differences between teams will show you probabilities and odds you have to undestand to skip or read correctly.

England Premier league betting analysis

This saturday show us five different bettting analysis from England Premier league

Match 1: Burnley - Everton

Odds calculator show us that we have actually two choices for valuebetting and now we know that the game should be tight odds calculator give us following odds:

Burnley 3.06 Draw 2.84 Everton 3.11

Markets offer following Odds:

Burnley 3.20 Draw 3.30 Everton 3.11 

In this case we see that Burnley and Draw includes valuebet and usually this kind of matches is smart to skip or play 1X (Home or draw selection). Draw has better valuebet, but as we can see match ended to Burnleys victory with result 1-0 as calculator show 0.81 score to burnely 0.80 to everton so under 2.50 select working fine for this match also.

Match 2: Liverpool - Leicester

Odds calculator analysis of the match:

This is an example of the match where we have to understand that numbers between these teams distort the possibilities and usually it is smarter to skip these matches because usually you cant find real valuebet here with calculator. But in the other hand this might be good choice for combobet as we everyone know that Liverpool is most likely winner, but not over 90% change as the numbers show us. As we can find out Liverpool won match with one score 2-1 and usually this kind of odds is the trap for most of us and we should just a) skip them or b) include for funny combobet without any handicaps etc. 

Match 3: Norwich - Aston Villa

This match is good example for this kind of results that odds calculator might give out. Aston Villa dont have many matches in our database and there is reason why probabilites are over 60%, but in the real life the probability would about be 44%-50% and everyone have to understand that averages show up incorrect results sometimes, if team is new to league. Anyway Aston Villa were our choice and won the match 1-5.

Match 4: Watford - Sheffield United

Watford - Sheffield United is same kind of match as Norwich - Aston Villa because sheffield united dont have as large database as watford and thats why averages will look too good. These matches you should definedly skip untill the database is large enought. In the other hand X2 (Draw or away) selection working fine with these odds.

Match 5: West Ham - Crystal Palace

These are the matches we keep hunting everyday! West ham - Crystal palace match including huge valuebet for Crystal palace with probabilites 38.95 and Odd limit 2.57 and markets offering almost 4.00 Odds for Crystal Palace. Draw Odds limit is 3.72 and markets offer 3.72 so we select away win. Also X2 selection bring almost 2.00 odds so it would be safer to pick.

How to compare odds and find lineups easily

Easiest way to find Lineups and H2H information for every game you calculate with oddscalculator is checking Livescore.com or download their awesome app.

Livescore.com show us almost everything we want to know, lets take a look what we have to check before last choice.

Check these informations before betting.


  • Lineups / injured players
  • Injured Players stats
  • H2H Page

Okay, now you have calculated and you want to get last informations and bet with peace of mind.

Lineups / injured player influence our decides only a littlebit, if there are missing 1-4 Players with average firepower. Incase there are more players missing you can start thinking about betting against, IF your original valuebet was very small. In my option best choice with these kind of situations is just skip the game and continue searching, because in sport betting quality before quanity is magic word!

Players that doesen't belong on original lineups and been mostly playing lower leagues, but been marked missing from lineup usually does not make anything for last decide.

H2H page relevance for betting


H2H Page give us a little bit more information, so we can think last option before setting a bet. Usually i check H2H page even before lineups to see instantly what kind of flow teams have at the moment with colored marks ''Wins'' green ''Losses'' red, winning streak is good indicator for betting if oddscalculator agree it also. Ofcourse you have to check what kind of teams been lost for our target team.

Another information H2H page give us is fatigue. You can find out kind of fatigue information by checking rest days before todays match, if team have been playing yesterday at the otherside of country it usually influence negative at the end of game, but often betting operators notice this too and offer better odds.

As you can see its pretty simple to gain information where to put your money!

Now we have pretty good weapons to bet, we know Odds and probabilities for valuebet. We also know exactly how teams have been playing last matches, we know line ups and we can think about how much fatigue impact on results.

History of odds,- and probabilities calculator

Our odds and probabilities calculator was made because winning in 1x2 betting is more funnier than losing. At the begining i was betting only with livescore information and started to learning how to calculate probabilities and odds, but that was damn hard work everyday especially because this is just an hobby. 

Original Odds,- and probabilities calculator was made to excel from the draft of mathematical formulas of 1x2 sport betting and after  months of working it was giving us correct answers.  We started to share bettingtips with analysis 2016 to page nordicsbc.com in finland and it was great to see how much people like these bettingtips, especially because best record is 27 correct bets in a row and 10 of these sameday!

Project public oddscalculator has been a long road, but here we go and im very glad to invite you into world of this tool for free!

Oh btw, to be honest sport betting is still only an hobby for us, but with oddscalculator this hobby has been turned more professional and lower risks of losing. Anyway to be professional in sport betting it is more than calculating and check livescore. You should sit on watching games and gather all information ever possible all day, we dont ever recommend to even think about to be professional in sportbetting without years of experience. So lets stay professional hobbyists together with this tool and small effort!

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